Begining Needle Tatting

Beginning Needle Tatting

Simple Beaded Flower – to learn the basics of needle tatting using the ball and chain method. Learn how to join your work. Learn simple method of adding beads to tatting by using pre-strung beads at picot. Learn how to hid the ends of thread and complete tatted flower motif.

Simply Small Butterfly – Learn directionality in making consecutive rings by not reversing your work. Learn to incorporate picots of different sizes by making very small joining picots. Learn how to hid ends of thread and complete tatted butterfly motif


Dates: 1 session, July 16 9:00 - Noon.

Cost: $45

Instructor: Bonnie Swank

Skills Needed:

·        Desire to learn

Skills Learned:

·        Basics of Needle tatting

·        Joining your work

·        Beading

·        Hide thread and complete tatted motif

·        Directionality in making consecutive rings

·        Picots of different sizes

·        Joining Picots

Materials Needed:

·        #5 Tatting Needle with Needle Threader

·        Size 20 thread in solid light color (Suggest using Lizbeth tatting thread)

·        Picot Hook or small Crochet Hook

·        Small sharp pair of scissors

Suggested but not required Materials:

·        Learn Needle Tatting Step by Step by Barbara Foster

·        Picot Gauge


·        None!