Woven Silk Cowl

Woven Silk Cowl

Join Liz to weave a one of a kind cowl made from recycled sari silk for the weft and cotton for the warp. We will use a rigid heddle loom, pre-warped, to weave a weft-faced fabric to emphasize the unique nature and different fabrics within the upcycled sari silk yarn. This project will also feature a removable clasp that you can screw into knitted, woven, and crocheted fabrics without damaging the fabric. Join us for this unique statement piece!


Dates: 1 session, July 31, 11:00am - 4:00 pm


Cost: $100          


Instructor: Liz


Skills Learned:

·        Weft-faced fabric basics

·        Loom anatomy

·        How to join yarn in woven fabrics

·        Fabric finishing techniques

Skills Needed:

·        Enthusiam!

Materials Needed:

·        All provided within the cost of the class


·        None!