Cadeautje – Thrummed Slippers Part One

Cadeautje – Thrummed Slippers


Winter brings cold floors and cold toes – at least for me! Beat the cold floors with thrummed booties by Ysolda Teague. These delightful slippers utilize a technique called “thrumming” that is common in Newfoundland and Labrador for mittens to line the soles and cuffs of these slippers with loops of unspun roving to create a soft, warm bed for your toes – so much better than Uggs! There are ten sizes to make so that everyone from the kiddos to the adults will have happy feet this winter. Join Liz to create these slippers with a sort of mini-retreat over one weekend to go through the whole process, from a ‘thrumming’ party on Friday evening, to classes on Saturday and Sunday, and emerge with warm toes!

Dates & Times:

January 20, 2017: 6 – 8pm

January 21, 2017: 10am – 2pm

January 22, 2017: noon – 4pm


Cost: $65


Teacher: Liz


Skills Needed:

·       Ability to knit and purl in the round and flat

·       Simple decreases and increases


Skills Learned:

·       How to thrum

·       Short-rows

·       Picking up stitches



·       Sizes a[b, c, d](e, f, g)h, i, j
To fit feet up to 6¼[6¾, 7½, 8¼](8¾, 9½, 10¼)[10¾, 11½, 12¼]” in length and approx. 2½[2½, 2½, 3](3, 3½, 3½,)[4, 4, 4¾]” in width


Materials Needed:

·       Either:

o   115[125,140,155](170,190,210)[230,250,275] yards of a chunky, non-superwash wool

o   230[250,280,310](340,380,420)[460,500,550] yards of a worsted, non-superwash wool (I would err on the side of extra yarn if holding double)

·       Fiber: between 1 – 4 oz of non-superwash wool fiber. Non-superwash is important because otherwise the fibers could fall out over time and you want the fibers to felt together over time.

·       US#7 dpns & long (32” – 40”) circular needle

·       Tapestry (darning) needle

·       Stitch markers

·       Copy of Cadeautje Pattern available on Ravelry or available to buy in the shop




Come with your yarn wound, ready to knit and fiber ready to thrum!